Young Athletes’ Bootcamp Fitness Training.

At our gym in Jacksonville, we offer two bootcamp-style options and ongoing classes for student athletes. Our programs include:

Young Athletes

At Pearson Fitness, we make a commitment to student athletes through our Fit Athlete objective, helping improve the speed, agility and strength of these young athletes. Athletes who join our Fit Athlete program can expect to gain a competitive edge that will show results in various sports and physical activities. Through our program, you can gain better overall athletic ability and specific benefits that include:


  • FIT Student Athletes
  • Monthly
  • 30 Minutes, Small Group Format
  • Ages 8-13
  • Afternoons, 2x week
  • Classes-Offered Varying Times of the Year
  • T-TH
  • $ 100.00
  • Personal Training Session
    Private or Duos, 30 minute Sessions
  • Scheduled By Appointment
  • $ 30.00
    Each Session
  • All youth classes include a Saturday 9 AM class as well (this is a combined class for the kids in the weekday classes).


Every program includes:

-Nutrition/Meal Plan -Accountability Weigh Ins -Suggested Supplementation
-Unlimited Trainer Support -Private Facebook Group