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Group Training

About Unlimited Team Training

Be Better Toned, More Physically Fit and look better too.

Take part in a variety of group fitness sessions that offer a fun and challenging workout, along with comradery and motivation. We offer a variety of fitness classes to help you connect with the types of exercise that fit you best.

Team Training Benefits:


-customized to YOUR fitness level

-modification always available

With our varied offerings at Pearson Fitness, you have the choice of participating solely in classes or making them complement your personal trainer sessions.  Your work out experience can be whatever you want it to be.

 When you put in the time and effort on a regular basis, group sessions can give amazing results. They provide a total body workout that gets your entire body more fit, healthy and toned. Not only will you feel better but you’ll look better, which can improve your confidence and help you feel great in your clothing (or that whole new wardrobe you need to buy to fit your tighter, smaller body!).

Beyond the benefits to your body and health, group fitness classes can improve or match your life in other ways. They give you an affordable workout with flexible class options to work around your life. In addition, you meet and work out with other people who are following similar goals as you. You’re likely to make a workout buddy or two when you participate.

Flexible and 
varied class options


Upper body strength training with focus on chest, back and shoulders in a variety of supersets.


Boxing for Fitness is a total body workout, that is a combination of both core, cardio and combos-not the ones you eat!  We focus on teaching fundamentals, including proper foot work and throwing punches to get the most out of your workout. It’s a great stress reliever and requires mental focus as well. A real confidence booster!

Total Body Blast – Josh

Total Body Blast is a whole-body class that will help the novice get started on his or her fitness journey, and at the same time help the most athletic individual take his or her whole-body training to the next level. We have no problems modifying for any physical situation! Come in and try Total Body Blast with us!!!


These total body strength classes will help you lose the fat and build your physique with classes focusing on upper body strength on Monday and lower body strength on Wednesday.


Full body circuit is a heart pumping, core training class. With a combination of hiit intervals and core training this class brings unique exercise selection using battle ropes, medicine balls, body weight movements, and more to keep your body moving!  This is a great class if you are looking to burn some calories. If you have a heart rate monitor, bring it!


Enjoy 30 min of arm blasting,  focused on bicep and tricep movements to get those arms pumped up for the weekend. Ready for those tank tops!


Upper body strength training with focus on chest, back and shoulders in a variety of supersets.


Strength is one of the key building blocks to improving your overall fitness level. The stronger you are, the better you can perform; and the better you perform, the more results you will see come your way! Every week in our strength and conditioning class we work to become stronger and more conditioned overall through main compound lifts that target the main muscle groups, coupled with accessory movements to help fine tune secondary muscles and functions. We finish the class off with some functional conditioning to improve our overall level of cardiovascular output. If you’re looking to become stronger and perform at a higher level, then this is the place for you!


Milo team training is a class for individuals seeking to gain lean muscle and strength in the squat, dead lift, bench press, and push press. Only gains allowed!


So, you want to burn some calories? Well, you can’t do that without sweating and getting your heart rate up! In Coach Tyler’s HIIT class, you will be doing plenty of that as you perform various functional exercises over short intervals of time with minimal rest in between. This class is designed to maximize your workouts in a minimal amount of time so join us, and ‘hiit’ the ground running with a great workout! Designed for all fitness levels.


Everyone wants a strong core and a nice firm booty. In this class we isolate those two things. Strengthen and tone your core and glutes through a variety of resistance training exercises designed to target the areas which support your lower back and provide the foundation for your body. Designed for all fitness levels. 


So many people workout hard but often forget that stretching and recovery is just as important. This class will help unlock your body’s full potential and WILL make everyday activities much easier. Come find your flow with Coach Ken and feel like a new person!


Join Coach Phil on Saturday mornings at 8:00 for a kickstart to your weekend with his high intensity strength/circuit/cardio “boot camp” style class.  From dumbbells to kettle bells to body weight movements, you’ll feel the burn (and the sweat) while you rock out to some old school jams, too!


It’s the weekend so it’s time to work hard, then play hard! This class focuses on body weight and functional exercises. Every week is a new challenge and each workout will test your mental and physical toughness!


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