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Group Training

Flexible and 
varied class options

About Unlimited Team Training

Be Better Toned, More Physically Fit and look better too.

Take part in a variety of group fitness sessions that offer a fun and challenging workout, along with comradery and motivation. We offer a variety of fitness classes to help you connect with the types of exercise that fit you best.

Team Training Benefits:


-customized to YOUR fitness level

-modification always available

With our varied offerings at Pearson Fitness, you have the choice of participating solely in classes or making them complement your personal trainer sessions.  Your work out experience can be whatever you want it to be.

 When you put in the time and effort on a regular basis, group sessions can give amazing results. They provide a total body workout that gets your entire body more fit, healthy and toned. Not only will you feel better but you’ll look better, which can improve your confidence and help you feel great in your clothing (or that whole new wardrobe you need to buy to fit your tighter, smaller body!).

Beyond the benefits to your body and health, group fitness classes can improve or match your life in other ways. They give you an affordable workout with flexible class options to work around your life. In addition, you meet and work out with other people who are following similar goals as you. You’re likely to make a workout buddy or two when you participate.