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First Time Combo + Assessment

At Pearson Fitness, we make a commitment to student-athletes through our Fit Athlete objective, helping improve the speed, agility, and strength of these young athletes. Athletes who join our Fit Athlete program can expect to gain a competitive edge that will show results in various sports and physical activities. Through our program, you can gain better overall athletic ability and specific benefits that include:

  • improved change of direction speed
  • better start and stop reaction time
  • streamlined running form
  • enhanced speed
  • quick feet
  • impressive power
  • superior jumping ability

Young athletes’ Bootcamp fitness training

At our gym in Jacksonville, we offer two bootcamp-style options and ongoing classes for student athletes. Our program includes


For ages 8 to 12, this program gives parents a break when kids are out of school and gives kids a focus on health. Through our physical activities, kids burn extra energy, gain a break from electronic devices and stay fit and healthy for fall sports and overall well-being.
Two sessions are offered each summer.


Designed specifically to motivate our student athletes, ages 16 and under, specifically for those in sports who are off season, or simply want a change of pace. Participants will learn the fundamentals and develop skills such as speed, agility, balance, strength, and power. We will focus on proper mechanics of running, agility, and jumping. Age appropriate progressions to build foundation of strong and power athletic abilities.
Offered T-Th (4:30-5:15pm). Starting October 23rd.

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